Talk therapy just hasn’t helped or has taken you only so far.


As a counselling psychotherapist Jen works with Breathwork or conscious connected breathing, to access and bring awareness to bodily held traumas, emotions, grief and memories.

I will support and guide you to find your felt sense via your own internal navigation system in your body.  Your body holds wisdom. Your  breath will guide you gently into a deeper knowing, long held sufferings and this will begin your path to sustained healing. 

 I feel passionate about working with bodily held emotions, memories and traumas. My own life experience has shown me that this is the pathway to self-understanding and healing.

My journey through complex trauma, grief, and an ongoing desire to really face myself, has led me through many modalities of healing.  Begninning with a deep spiritual search into what my purpose in life is.

Trying to understand myself, change my habits and relationship patterns via my intellect and talk therapy only led me so far.

It wasn’t until I worked with Breathwork that I truly faced my patterns.

Working with body based Breathwork healed my complex trauma, grief, long held anger and shame. The pain of shame which I held for most of my adult life shifted when my Breathwork therapist held a space of acceptance, non-judgment, love and safety. I felt this change in my whole self.

I know that it is what we have experienced in life that is often the cause of our current suffering.

I want to understand your life experience, I want to really listen deeply and intuitively to your story and what is currently making you suffer. What is taking you out of alignment with your true self, your values and who you are authentically.

I don’t want to delve into your pain from the past unless this is where you need to go to heal. I want to hear about what is causing you to suffer right now.

Anything unprocessed from the past will arise in the present as distress, disowned feelings, anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. We will work together to understand and re-integrate this into the here and now.  You might already know what caused your current distress but you still can’t shift it.  Working with Breathwork will allow a shift in your body and change the disconnect your feel. You will process a different understanding in your body and mind. 



To help as many people as possible to understand their complex trauma, their attachment wounds and work honestly with their emotions. To bring awareness to the world that this healing process will change the world one person at a time.



To bring body based Breathwork to more people and support more people to heal their complex trauma.


Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy 2022-23, Cairnmillar Institute. Melbourne.

Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling 2018-2019 Hobart.

Diploma of Holistic Health Care 2012, New Zealand.

Registered Nurse 1985-2024, including 30 years as a Palliative care nurse.




Professional Memberships

Australian Breathwork Association 

Australian Counselling Association

 Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Australia


What will we work with?

We all have self-healing capacity and I know this deeply through my own journey through trauma and loss.

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Often, we don’t really know ourselves deeply and have grown up taking on other people’s ideas of who we should be.

We can’t be authentically and truly who we want to be both in relationships and when we strive to make meaning in the world. Something is incongruent in life, and we just can’t fix it.

It’s painful to be You.

Our human experience shapes who we are. Family relationships, school experiences, and social expectations all form who we are. We don’t have support and care through rites of passage and threshold experiences and we get stuck or lost. We are uninitiated through huge events such as becoming an adult, becoming a parent, ageing and menopause. We feel we are “going mad” and cannot process what happened.

We feel disconnect, loss and hurt.

Our feelings are foreign to us. We are not taught to understand our feelings and emotions.  Some are pushed down into our body or totally disowned.  Anger, shame and sadness are unacceptable.  Being happy or positive is what we are told will help us not to feel bad.

Our suffering is medicalised or understood as a problem in our mind only.

Anxiety, for example, may be related to unexpressed emotions that you have been taught to fear. Depression may be the result of shame and lack of self-worth.

You are not a diagnosis or a label, such as “depressed”. You are the sum of your life experience and what happened to you. You have many parts to who you are. Perhaps you are not able to be the person you want to be because of your desire to live up to what others think you need to be. We take on conditions of worth from those around us and place them over ourselves like a decoupage. Be nice, be successful, don’t be angry, all paper over how we really want to be in the world and feel like a mask.

Our patterns in relationships relate to how we see ourselves from our early life and what we internalised as “good” or “bad”. We are anxious or detached in our partnerships and can’t change that pattern. 

We have attachment wounds from our family and society that leave scars on our soul. We can’t trust others to care for us. We reach out in ways that others don’t respond to and this traumatises us further.

Let us look deeper at these issues together and understand who you are and why. Working with body based Breathwork can give us deeper new insights and change ways of being. 


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“Jen made me feel very comfortable, she has such a calm nature, I felt like I was speaking to someone who truly cares and was very supportive and gentle with everything I shared. Jen is a wonderful trauma informed therapist and I’m so glad I had her help and support.”

Leah (complex trauma survivor).

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