Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to work with Breathwork?
You do not have to do breathwork if you don’t feel it is for you. We can work together with counselling only. I might ask you from time to time during our counselling sessions to listen to your body and sense into what it is telling you if you are comfortable.
What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a dynamic process of connecting with your body via conscious connected breathing. The process does take longer than a regular counselling session and involves my guidance and support to sense into your body via your breath to access emotions, sensations, traumas and memories. I will gently guide you and provide safety in this process for you to work with whatever you can at your own pace. Recent studies have shown that working with body based therapies such as Breathwork can change our brain patterns and reset our fight, flight and freeze reactions.  (Van Der Kolk, 2014).

I will take you through the process in more depth before you book so that your are comfortable with the process.

How long will it take?

Working with Breathwork in counselling will take longer because we need time to access bodily held suffering. The process of conscious connected breathing takes 45-50 minutes and there needs to be space before and after to talk and integrate.

In total Breathwork counselling takes 90 minutes.

If you wish to work with me with counselling only this takes 60 minutes.

How much are your fees?

If you wish to work with me with counselling only the fee is $130.

If you wish to do a longer session with breathwork counselling and psychotherapy the fee is $170.

How many sessions do I need?

I recommend working with me for at least 2 to 6 sessions to begin. If you feel comfortable with me it is valuable to continue working together for longer term healing. 

How do I pay?
You can pay on the day or before our session via direct debit or cash on the day. I will send you bank details when you book.
Cancellation Policy

I ask you to consider others and please give me 24 hours notice of your wish to cancel. Of course things in life get in the way especially illness so I will consider this when you contact me to cancel. If you cancel less than 24 hours I will need to charge a cancellation fee of half the fee for service to cover my costs.

Please feel free to book an introduction call to ask me any other questions. Once we have discussed how and when you want to work with me we can book an appointment wherever is convenient for you, either St Kilda or Moorabbin.

2 hour parking is available at each site.


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Reach out. I really want to hear what you need.

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