Support to access your internal guidance system and go beyond trying to understand yourself
with your mind.

Do you feel like you can’t move forward even though you have done therapy?

Maybe you want to understand something deeper in yourself but you can’t access it with your intellect.
Issues we encounter from our human experience such as trauma, parental abandonment, grief and loss, or rejection may be held in our body.
Some emotions we experience such as sadness, anger and shame are judged as unacceptable and we avoid or push them down into our body.

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Maybe you are living a life that is not congruent with your values or who you really want to be?

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Do your feelings overwhelm you on a daily basis and others tell you they can’t be with you?
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Are your relationships not changing despite insight into what is wrong?

Counselling with Jen will allow acceptance and understanding of
all emotions, all suffering and trauma

Feelings and emotions have energy and connect us to our internal navigation system in our body. Healing can begin here.
Counselling with Jen using body based Breathwork is a dynamic process engaging conscious connected breathing to focus into the body where feelings, memories and trauma is held.
Welcoming all of these experiences with curiosity and towards self healing. 

Walk away with:

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Deeper understanding or yourself and your patterns

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Have more understanding and acceptance of your emotions

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Have a deeper understanding of how your early experiences have shaped your life and how to transform this

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More lasting change to how your relate to others

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More self compassion

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Greater awareness and acceptance of who you are and how you interact with others

What I Offer

Jen is non-judgmental, gentle, deeply empathic, and intuitive and will work beside you at your pace.


I will listen deeply and be with you to provide safety and containment. All your feelings and life experience will guide us and all of them will be held with love and curiosity. All will be accepted in the healing space with Jen.


As an emotion focused counsellor Jen offers deep listening and acceptance of all that you are feeling.

Work with your anxiety, sadness, pain, anger and other feelings that are overwhelming you right now.


Fee:  $130 for 60 minutes

Counselling and Psychotherapy With Breathwork

For a deeper dive into your body held emotions and your long held patterns of relating using Breath as our guide.
A longer process which is more psychotherapy based for more sustained healing.
Breathwork is a dynamic process engaging conscious connected breathing to focus in the body where feelings, trauma, and memories are held.

This is a longer process and takes 1 and ½ hours.

Fee: $170 for 90 minutes

Just want someone to actually listen?

Reach out to me now.