Our life is full of transitions.  Birth, going to school for the first time, adolescence, leaving school, partnership, divorce and the list goes on and on all the way to death !

Menopause marks a very important rite of passage for women.  A journey from womanhood, and early crone to deepening womanhood and cronedom.  We are on our way to true individuation during this huge transition that can take us down deep into a dark abyss.  We must work with all that we don’t need any more.  Shed old patterns and ways of being, become fully who we are truly meant to be.  So much work to do but it can be such a blessing to go on this spiritual pathway.

My own menopause was a very dark time in my life as I faced loss, betrayal, and the pain of old trauma that came to me as shame, deep painful shame.  I remember feeling the love, acceptance and deep healing of other women in my life holding me in that place, just holding space for me.  Sitting with me for hours in a dark room, just listening with non judgement or being beside me in deep silence.  A spiritual awakening happened for me during this time.  I could then hold myself in love and acceptance.  I understood how I came to be here, why that family and what it meant to be me.

Working with my body held emotions and trauma with my Breathwork teacher Cindy was the only way through the pain and the shame.  When I went within myself this way, with Cindy beside me holding me in honesty and love I really felt something change in me.  

Like all transitions we sometimes have to go down deep into that darkness of our soul and sit there for some time before we come out renewed again.  It is truly courageous to really face ourselves at this time especially when the society in which we live sees us as old and not worthy of attention, in fact we are invisible.  Have you had that experience lately?  Over looked in society, not listened to like you have anything of value to say?

I want to change that one woman at a time.  I want us to be valued for the experience and wisdom we hold in our bodies, minds and souls.  We have so much to offer the world and we can make a difference.

We have so much of lived experience and value to share, once we have accepted ourselves as wise elders in this world, and we need to speak

I want to support you on this transition.  I want to help you find your voice because I know you have so much to offer us all.

A woman I worked with recently said she didn’t understand why saying “no I don’t want to do that anymore” was so painful and it felt like an overreaction.  She was hearing herself let go of generations of never saying “no”.  For herself and for her daughters.  This transition to true womanhood or cronedom for her was changing generations of female patterns.

Come on a journey with me.