Holistic Counselling and  Psychotherapy

Working with a body based approach to counselling and psychotherapy for deeper self understanding and long term healing. You are more than your mind & thoughts.

Change your ways of being and relating by working more deeply with your mind, body & spirit.

Healing your distress.

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Body based Counselling and Psychotherapy with Breathwork

More than just talk therapy, or just changing thoughts. Working deeper into the body held memories, patterns and trauma, for lasting benefits.

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Non-judgmental and non pathologising or labelling

You are not a diagnosis. Suffering and distress are part of our human experience and you deserve support when things are hard.

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Emotion focused

Supporting you to understand and work with your feelings and emotions, even the ones you have been told you should not have or express. 

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Attachment informed

Understanding how your early life experiences have affected you as an adult and your ways of relating to others. Helping you to be your true self and be secure in relationships.

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Complex trauma informed

Trauma happens to us all. Some of us have ongoing trauma from many difficult life experiences. Working with body based therapy can heal the disconnect from yourself and others.

We won’t dive deep into the trauma again but will work at your pace to gently understand its impact in the present.

Working with you as a unique person and your whole self, body, mind and spirit.

“Jen’s presence and attunement with her clients is excellent. She holds space for client’s painful experiences with a grounded openness that is uncommon among even seasoned therapists.”

Ashley White, Counselling Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor

Meet Jen

As a counselling psychotherapist Jen works with Breathwork or conscious connected breathing, to access and bring awareness to bodily held traumas, emotions, grief and memories. 

I will support and guide you to access your felt sense via your breath, to understand a deeper level of need in you and facilitate long term healing.

What I Offer

 Working together with you to build safety and trust I can support you to understand and work with your emotions, heal your attachment wounds, complex trauma and grief.


As an emotion focused counsellor Jen offers deep listening and acceptance of all that you are feeling.

Work with your anxiety, sadness, pain, anger and other feelings that are overwhelming you right now.

Counselling and Psychotherapy With Breathwork

For a deeper dive into your long held patterns of relating using Breath as our guide.
A longer process which is a psychotherapy based approach for more sustained healing.
Breathwork is a dynamic process engaging conscious connected breathing to focus in the body where feelings, trauma, and memories are held.

No matter how hard you try to understand your suffering you just can’t work it out and nothing changes in your relationships.

Let’s work together with your breath as our guide to access the intelligence of your body and emotions. Let’s get curious together about what is making you suffer.

I can guide your way through to self healing.